Why Choose Us?

Crystal Lake Fish Limited as a pioneer project has been used as a case study due to the uniqueness of the organization and the circumstances it has survived up till now. The company has been used as a case study by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the India Institute of Management Bangalore and Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) to come up with a syllabus in their Agribusiness programme. Below is a detailed list of some important reasons why crystal lake Fish Ltd. should be your next business partner in fish farming and production;

We Adhere to the best aquaculture practices.

At Crystal Lake Fish we are very skeptical about the production process of our fish farming activities from beginning to the end. We make sure we follow all fish farming standards that will make us a top brand in our line of business.

Production of Pure Indigenous

Crystal Lake Fish is one of the few fish farming companies that focuses on producing pure indigenous tilapia without cross breeding.

We also ensure to avoid the use artificial procedures in making our fingerlings grow faster than than the are required.

After Sales Support

One of our main objectives is to achieve higher customer satisfaction level and get good feedback from client who purchase from us. We provide after sales  support to farmers that may need our assistance in one way or the other on their fish farming journey.