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Patricia Sarfo

Patricia Sarfo

CEO & Managing Director

Patricia is the Managing Director of Crystal Lake Fish Limited

Founding Partner of Blue Skies Products (UK) and Blue Skies Ghana Ltd in 1999, now a successful fruit processing company employing over 1000 staff. Was one of the pioneers of Aquaculture in Ghana. Enabled Crystal Lake Fish Ltd to twice win the National Best fingerlings award, and indirectly helped create over 100,000 employment opportunities within the newly emerging aquaculture sector
Established the first equity microfinance equity fund domicile in Ghana Worked with Bank of Ghana to modify the law, to enable foreign companies invest in rural banks JCS also facilitated the establishment of the SolarKiosk venture in Ghana and acted as the local partner and facilitator of the Coca Cola EKOCENTER initiative Under Patricia’s leader JCS Investments Ltd was one of the funding member of ANDE

Patricia ‘s Key areas of interest include:

  • Impact Investment
  • Rural Development
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agribusiness

Our Achievements

JCS Chamber of Agriculture Awards